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Support for Corporate Clients

CRISIS provides a range of services to assist organisations fulfil their duty of care to their employees. Employees and Employers face increasing pressures to be both effective at work and to maintain a healthy work/life balance. Some are dealing with care responsibilities of elderly relatives whilst still having children and young adults at home. Added to these daily pressures, the psychological wellbeing of an organisation’s employees could be undermined at any time by a crisis, e.g.:

Situational Crisis

Coming from extraordinary events which an individual has no way of forecasting or being able to control: accidents; victimisation; jobless; illness and death. Such events are often random, sudden, intense, shocking and can be catastrophic for the individual.

Developmental Crisis

There are changes or shifts in the normal flow of everyday living such as: Mid-life career changes; divorce; birth of a child; bereavement; changing roles and responsibilities; retirement.

Employee Support

Our tax deductible Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP) provides significant benefits to the employer: reduction in staff turnover/absenteeism; improved productivity; improved staff morale and motivation are all some of the results seen by engaging with us.

Trauma Counselling

We offer a fast response to employees who are exposed to trauma and major incidents and can experience shock and numbness, anxiety and worry, anger and guilt. These problems can cause physical and emotional scars, which often last for months or years if left untreated.


We provide specialist and bespoke training and have developed a range of courses and workshops to meet the individual needs of each of our clients.

Contact us on: 0141 812 8474 or email: to discuss your needs in supporting employees dealing with a work-based issue or something within their personal life that is affecting the ability to perform their tasks or maintain regular attendance.

East of Scotland Regional Resilience Partnership Voluntary Sector

Our CEO is a long standing participant of this multi-agency who come together regularly to ensure the emergency services and other Voluntary Sector key agencies are prepared for serious incidents affecting our communities. We work through the Scottish Resilience Development Service (ScoRDS) providing training, exercising and other development opportunities to enhance knowledge, skills and behaviours for effective resilience planning, response and recovery.


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