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What We Are...Support with mental health issues for anyone who needs it

We are a Company Limited by Guarantee with Charitable Status. We hold the Social Enterprise Mark and are proud of being a Social Enterprise where any profits are retained within the Organisation for the benefit of our clients rather than paid to any shareholder.

“…Senscot was struck by the commitment of Jean Cumming and the team of volunteer counsellors to provide counselling services to sections of our communities who may not otherwise access such services…in an effort to become more sustainable and independent by moving away from grants, they have now been able to secure contracts with both Public and Private Sector Bodies. Crisis is an excellent example of the growth of the social enterprise model in Scotland whiner locally based social enterprises are now delivering first class services whose value is recognised not only within local communities but also by mainstream employers.”

Aidan  Pia, Executive Director

Social Charter Mark

The Social Enterprise Mark is the only internationally available social enterprise accreditation, enabling credible social enterprises to prove that they are making a difference.

The Social Enterprise Mark independently guarantees that a business operates with the central aim of using income and profits to maximise positive social and/or environmental impact, which takes precedent over a requirement to maximise personal profits for owners and shareholders.

Applicants must meet sector agreed qualification criteria in order to be awarded the Social Enterprise Mark, and are re-assessed each year to ensure they continue to meet the criteria. The Social Enterprise Mark is not a membership scheme – it is an accreditation, Subject to an Independent Certification Panel.

Each social enterprise must make a Social Impact Declaration and CRISIS abides with this principle and declares the following:

“CRISIS provides counselling and support to people who need it when they need it. The Organisation was founded in 1996; over the years it has evolved into a thriving social enterprise and since has supported over 40,000 individuals.

The diversity and range of clients coming to CRISIS for help has expanded such that we do not have a ‘typical’ client. Our clients are children, adolescents and adults who come from a wide geographical area.”

As a Mark Holder the following statements illustrate how we are striving to meet our social objectives:

Promoting mental wellbeing in the workplace

CRISIS provides a range of services to assist organisations to fulfil their Duty of Care to their employees. These services focus on the mental health of their employees and we encourage companies to purchase key services from social enterprises that provide community benefits. We have a portfolio of private and public contracts which have been expanded to benefit communities.

Reinvesting income in counselling services

All income generated is reinvested in our counselling centre which provides face-to-face, telephone and online services not only locally but across Scotland and occasionally internationally.

We invest in a training and online counselling suite to enable us to reach disadvantaged people such as those with geographic, physical and financial barriers to support those such as young/adult carers and veterans.

Supporting individuals at risk

We have supported 800 young people in the last year:

  • 7% have attempted suicide
  • 37% have self-harmed
  • ALL of them were at risk of mental health issues, family breakdown and exclusion

During the last year we have also supported over 1,100 adults with complex needs and suffering trauma. They continue to rebuild links with family, community and business.

By our 20th Anniversary in May 2016 we had seen a total of 40,000 clients face-to-face funded by our business activities.

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