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Celebrating 20 Years!

We celebrate our 20th year providing a service that has met the needs of thousands of people when they have needed support, guidance and counselling. A big thank you to our Founder, Jean Cumming for her vision and determination to build Crisis into what it has become!
A thank you to the hudreds if not thousands of volunteers who have made that vision happen by giving their time, talents, commitment and their hearts to working with our clients to positive outcomes.
A thank you to the Founders too who have given their financial backing and support - what a team!

CRISIS provides counselling and support to people who need it when they need it.

Crisis was founded in 1996 and is a registered charity. Over the years it has evolved into a thriving social enterprise and has since supported over 33,000 individuals.

There are a number of individuals and families, regardless of their background or origin, who are increasingly experiencing difficulties coping with modern day living.

Crisis provides early intervention, specialist therapeutic services and non time limited support.


The number of clients supported by Crisis since 1996 has reached over 15,000, and we now receive an average of 1500 referrals per year.

2007 - 2008: referrals reached 1468, of those 620 were young people aged 16 and under.

The children and adolescents were affected by domestic violence, street violence, parental addiction, addictive behaviours, self-harming, family breakup, trauma, bereavement, bullying, exclusion, restructured family systems, abuse.

We work very hard with our clients to help restore healthy, safe family systems and communities.

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